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Church Loughborough churches in Loughborough

The Junction Church in Loughborough is a multi-national community with over 20 different nationalities represented in the church family!

These nationalities include: Singapore, Malaysia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Ireland, Germany, Australia, China, South Africa, USA, South Korea, Japan, Romania, Thailand, The Philippines, Latvia, Estonia & more.

The diversity of the church makes it an exciting community to be part of - where everyone is welcomed and everyone feels at home.

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Church Loughborough churches in Loughborough

Multi-national Church

Church Loughborough churches in Loughborough

WELCOME to The Junction Church in Loughborough!

Church Loughborough churches in LoughboroughChurch Loughborough churches in Loughborough

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The Junction Church in Loughborough meets every Sunday from 10:45am to 12 noon.

We’re part of the Hillsong network as well as Ground-Level.

But imagine if church got out of the building and met in say….the cinema? Well, that’s exactly what we do! You’ll find us every Sunday morning in screen 3 of the Odeon Cinema in Loughborough town centre. Ok, so this is not your usual venue for church but that’s how we like it! It gets church right into the heart of the Loughborough community...and it’s great! We LOVE it!

So what can you expect if you come along to the Junction Church Loughborough? Firstly, you’ll find a warm, friendly welcome. Then during the services, you can expect passionate & contemporary worship that reflects our love for God. You’ll also get really great Bible teaching that will inspire you to become everything you were designed to be & which has total relevance to your every day life.

The Junction Church is made up of all kinds of people - families, singles, students & kids. We’d love you to check us out at The Junction Church Loughborough. If you like church that is friendly, faith inspiring and forward looking - passionate about making a difference in our incredible town, then you’ll love the Junction Church.